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Lead/Action Programs
About: Lead programs pay you for when someone performs an action, such as when one signs up to receive free e-mail letters, registers for a membership at a site, or enters a contest. Because there are various categories of lead programs, they can prove profitable if targeted towards your sites demographics.

Reviewed Programs
  • Fine Clicks - An advertising network that pays you per a lead/action. They also have several click campaigns after you acheive $25 in earnings.

  • Commission Junction - Currently they are the largest marketplace where merchants and publishers can interact. They have programs that pay per sale and per lead.

    Unreviewed Programs
  • TAF Master - Get paid when you put this form on your site and get paid when people tell their friends about your site.

  • Freeze Cold Cash - Get paid when someone downloads a free screensaver from their site.

  • WebSponsors - A pay per lead network that pays you when people sign up for free stuff offers.

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