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Commission Junction

Summary: A marketplace of publishers and merchants. Commission Junction(also known as "CJ") is currently the larget affiliate network out there. Because of their size, it makes it easy to pick the programs which will perform best on your site. Commission Junction runs 2 types of programs, one that pay per lead/action(when someone signs up for a e-mail newsletter, contest, registers at a site...) and one that pays a commission for the sale of a product/service. You can easily find a merchant that fits your site by searching through their well organized directory. You must apply to each merchant individually, but most will approve you instantly. A great advantage of CJ is that they combine all the money that you earn from the different merchants into one check so that it's easier to meat the min. check amount to receive payment.

Selectivity: Most merchants will give you instant approval, but others can be selective.
Payment: $25 min. check payout, and sends out checks 45 days after the end of the month.

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